enjoy the following beers every Monday for just $5:

  • Conniption

    Light and drinkable Kölsch with a touch of subtle fruitiness and spice like an ale but with a crisper, cleaner finish you would expect from a pale lager.

  • Lunch Money

    New England style hazy pale ale with sweet citrus, tangerine, grapefruit, and delicate herbal notes that packs a pillowy body with low bitterness and a round, sudsy finish. Brewed with a heap Chinook, Mosaic, Citra and Cascade hops.

  • Monkey Road Red

    In this hop-forward twist on the classic amber ale, we utilize a heavy dry hop with Simcoe hops to bring about a balancing layer of complexity. Malts meet hops in a symbiosis of character that includes passion fruit, pine sap, grapefruit pith, toasted grain, caramel sweetness, and floral resin. A semi-dry finish with lasting bitterness have this drinking like an India Amber Ale.

  • C Porter

    The C Porter is our Port Everglades Porter aged with coconut in an attempt to concoct a Caribbean inspired dark ale. Some say this beer is reminiscent of a Mounds bar in a glass. Notes of sweet coconut, milk chocolate, and subtle roast lace the air while caramel, coconut, nutty esters, and milk chocolate hit the palate. You will find all the malt depth of the Port Everglades Porter, but with a tropical twist.

receive four 5oz samples of any beer of your choice, up to 30 to choose from!

Things can get tough at times and beer always makes it easier.

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